Harmony Pilates Class Types

Private Lessons

Private Pilates lessons are the cornerstone of any good Pilates or personal training program. In these 55 minute sessions you will receive one-on-one instruction from a certified Pilates instructor. Exercises will be based on your fitness level, injuries, goals and strengths. You will use a variety of Pilates apparatus and equipment, and learn the basic principles of Pilates and how to apply them in different areas of your life. We can also create a customized home program for times you are away from the studio. If you have an injury, Contact Us about our Physical Therapy program.

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are a fun and energizing way to incorporate Pilates into your fitness regime. We offer a variety of equipment, barre and mat classes to meet your needs. Classes are 55 minutes long and class sizes are small to ensure you receive individual attention and maintain proper form throughout the exercises.

We offer three main types of Pilates classes: Equipment, Mat and Harmony Barre Plus.
Harmony Pilates equipment classes use the Pilates reformer and cadillac as the foundation of the class. There are over 5000 exercises you can do on this amazing and unique equipment, so you you will always be challenged and never get bored! You will use every muscle in your body to achieve proper form and flow, while working on strength, core muscles, flexibility and posture. If you want to really experience what Pilates has to offer, join our equipment classes!

No prior experience is needed before attending our Pilates equipment classes. If you are new to the reformer or have injuries, we do recommend starting with our Pilates basics class so you can learn the fundamental movements and get the most out of your workout.

Harmony mat classes are the foundation of any true Pilates program. Joseph Pilates first developed his exercises for the mat, and then expanded to the Pilates equipment. Mat work is meant to challenge your core and strengthen your muscles. You will use a variety of small apparatus such as the ring, foam roller and balls. This is a great compliment to the equipment work, and no previous experience is required.
Harmony Barre Plus Classes take traditional barre classes and bring them to the next level! Done at a ballet barre, we combine standing lunges, plies, squats and leg work with arm weights for a fast paced and challenging workout meant to tone and torch calories! We combine this with fun and challenging exercises on the Pilates reformer, mat and tower to give you core strengthening and a workout unlike any other. No previous experience is required.

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In addition to the classes above, we offer these specialty classes:
• Balance & Bones (for seniors)
• Prenatal and Post Partum Pilates
• Pilates Introductory Classes
• Pilates Basics and Advanced Classes
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