A number of years ago I was looking for an exercise program as I was feeling out of shape even though I was an avid walker. I found Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy and it was just what I needed. The studio, instructors and classmates were all very welcoming as I'm generally a shy person. I fell in love with Pilates and encouraged my husband to try it. I knew it would help with his many sports injuries. He was VERY reluctant. Thank goodness the studio offered a special Valentines session for couples and he gave in. He immediately felt what I was feeling - what a great workout! We started taking private classes until he was comfortable with the exercises. His confidence grew and he started coming to classes with all the "girls" and four years later we are still going strong. It has given me so much confidence in my core that I recently tried SUP and was actually able to stand up! I credit all the instructors with building my confidence and my core. I really look forward to going to classes and my body really misses it when I'm unable to go. I would recommend Harmony to everyone! They make it easy to get started and always encourage you.
- Cristi S.
I have always struggled with my weight, but when it came my wedding dress, I refused to let my weight hold me back from getting the dress of my dreams! I had a friend who had been doing Pilates and loved it and she talked me into trying it out. To my amazement, I loved it too! Unlike other workouts I had done in the past, I really enjoyed going to Pilates. It was fun and the best part is that I could see a change in my body. I was encouraged to take vitamin supplements and eat healthy, and in 4 months, after changing my eating and doing Pilates 1-2 times a week, I had lost 15 pounds and 4 inches in my waist! I went 2 dress sizes down and was able to wear the wedding dress of my dreams!

I have Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy to thank for it! I would definitely recommend this to any bride who wants to lose extra pounds, tone up for their wedding day, or just feel great! It's a great stress reliever and really helps with the stresses that come along with planning a wedding!
- Kara S.
For over two years, I suffered from lower back pain and tried everything I could think of ... Chiropractic care, medication, and acupuncture. Acupuncture was a great help, but my practitioner felt I needed a little more so she sent me to an osteopath who also helped improve my situation greatly. He, too, felt I needed the help of core exercises and some physical therapy so he sent me to Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy. That proved to be exactly what I needed! In four treatments I was pain free and again able to slowly incorporate physical activity into my daily routine by exercising my core at home and walking.

During my physical therapy sessions, my PT introduced me to Pilates. I have finally found an exercise technique that I know I will stick with and build on. I have learned that it is never too late to start a wellness program or to enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

Although I am still a work in progress, I feel like Harmony is a "one stop shop" that is just for me because I am treated as an individual and not as just an appointment. When I step into the Harmony Pilates and Physical Therapy studio, I am not stepping into a gym, I am stepping into a lifestyle!
- Lei-Ann D.
I started doing Pilates a year before I got pregnant because I wanted to get my body in shape before having a baby. I never realized how beneficial Pilates would really be during my pregnancy. Not only did it strengthen my abdominal muscles, but it helped with my breathing in delivery and I never had back pain during pregnancy or post-partum. I was able to continue doing Pilates through my eighth month! Now I'm back and I love how Pilates is helping me lose my pregnancy pounds. Thanks Harmony!
- Tanya C.

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