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Lahela Hekekia has been in the health and wellness industry since 2001 – as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and NCBTMB certified since 2001; teaching massage therapy since 2005; teaching Pilates since 2007, and fully certified by Pilates Method Alliance and STOTT PILATES ® since 2011. (Level 1 STOTT PILATES® certification in 2008). Lahela has also studied Osteopathic Sciences for several years and is Level 3 Certified through the Franklin Method®.

Lahela loves to describe how Pilates with self-massage changed her spine – after 2 years of daily practice, she had an x-ray and noticed a substantial improvement in her spine and hips. That was in 2009! It has been about 10 years since then, and she has continued to fine-tune her body ever since while striving to understand functional movement. Along the way, Lahela discovered an amazing therapy that resolved her own case of Plantar Fasciitis in 6 treatments and sought out the training as soon as it was available to LMTs. Lahela has attracted a number of clients with Scoliosis and other spine issues as a result of her own progress. She also loves to keep athletes injury-free, whether weekend warriors or serious international competitors. She also loves to work with Kupuna, helping them achieve more autonomy through better coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. Some of her clients are in their late 80s. Lahela believes that the key to resolving chronic aches, as well as, helping someone achieve their best physical potential is a combination of Pilates, Bodywork, and the ability to understand how someone is moving – or not moving. Lahela works closely with our and other Physical Therapists whenever possible to augment therapy, as well as, to assist in the transition from rehabilitation to a regular maintenance exercise program.

Lahela can offer assistance to PTs and clients as a Certified Graston Technique® Specialist and as a Certified Medical Myotherapist. The protocols Lahela has learned and is qualified to teach through approved workshops include the following: Tendonitis and Tendinosis in general Reducing adhesions in connective tissues to facilitate muscle function Scar Tissue Mobilization Low Back Pain Rapid Recovery Method Postural Deviation Correction Structural Integration Advanced Neck & Head Treatments: Headache Relief Treatments TMJD Treatment Reversing Military Neck Whiplash Recovery Anterior Neck Work Thoracic Outlet Treatment Protocol Rapid Recovery Protocols for the Arm: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis Tennis Elbow Golfer’s Elbow False Carpal Tunnel Seated & Side-Lying Technique Options Trigger Point Pain: Identify & Release Fibromyalgia Recovery Method™ Body Mechanics & Self-Care for LMTs Stretches for Expedited Recovery Hydrotherapy for Medical Massage Lung Capacity Expansion Techniques Advanced Leg Treatments: IT Band Release TFL/Tensor Fascia Latae Release Knee Injuries Shin Splints & Runner’s Injuries Foot & Ankle Injuries including PLANTAR FASCIITIS Compartment Syndrome Quad & Hamstring Balancing Reversing “Uniceps Femoris” Hip & Pelvis Treatments: Pelvic Decompression & Hip Balancing False Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome Gluteus Minimus & Medius Release Ultra-Athlete Pre & Post Event Protocols Ligament Sprain Recovery Treatments Complete Shoulder Treatment Sequences: Frozen Shoulder Release Deltoid Treatments Bicipital & Supraspinatus Tendonitis CERTIFICATIONS AND LICENSES: Licensed Massage Therapist (MAT #6286) – since 2001 Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage (NCBTMB #307766-00) – since 2001 STOTT PILATES, fully certified – since 2011 (Level 1 Certified, 2008) Pilates Method Alliance, Certified Pilates Teachers – since 2011 Franklin Method® Level 3 Certified – since 2015 (Level 1 Certified, 2011, Level 2, 2013) Certified Graston Technique® Specialist – since 2018 Certified Medical Myotherapist (Haase Medical Myotherapy®)– since 2019.


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We offer a variety of Pilates classes, as well as, private sessions, semi-private, trio sessions, and workshops. We can accommodate all activity levels from the beginner to the experienced Pilates client. We also have classes for Seniors, those coming off an injury or those who have been inactive. Do Pilates and you will feel and see the difference!

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It’s one thing to tell you how great we think we are, but we’d rather you hear it directly from our clients! You can read our reviews below or review us on Google and Facebook.

I always feel great after my Pilates class. It is a great way to cope with stress while building strength and flexibility. The Manoa studio has easy parking, and the instructors are helpful and knowledgeable.

Shirley J. DanielShirley J. Daniel

Pilates has helped me recover quickly from two pregnancies and strengthened and lengthened my muscles in ways that no other workout routine has! It’s a great way to relieve stress and Harmony’s instructors have been so wonderful over the years! Mahalo, Harmony!

Kimi Mikami YuenKimi Mikami Yuen

I am so impressed with Harmony Pilates in Manoa Marketplace. The instructors are so excellent and guide you safely through the exercises to help prevent you from any injuries. I have noticed a huge improvement to my leg strength and more flexibility. In addition, they keep the studio and machines very clean. I would highly recommend this place!😊

Donna HirashimaDonna Hirashima

I love the Manoa location as it has easy parking, the studio is clean, and the instructors are great. I feel renewed after every class.

Bonne BellaBonne Bella
Love Harmony Pilates! I’ve been working out here for the past year and a half and I can’t say enough good things. Amazing dedicated instructors, great customer service, beautiful clean space, and my health and wellness have improved exponentially from my regular pilates practice. Take a class and see for yourself! You won’t regret it.
Fauzia MorganFauzia Morgan

I started taking pilates at Harmony a year ago. When I started my lung function was at 38%. The staff and instructors took my disability into consideration during exercise regimen. I had my annual pulmonologist appointment last week and my lung function had increased to 51% over one year! I had also lost about 7 pounds and a dress size. I feel great and wish to thank the Harmony team. The studio is well appointed with stellar instructors. There is schedule that anyone can find a suitable time with a variety of options both in Kailua and Manoa. If you want to improve your health and work on your strength try it out. You are sure to see results if you stay with it.

Nira CoorayNira Cooray